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12 Cookies of Christmas Book! Now Available.
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12 Cookies of Christmas, is a cookie cookbook for all ages.  You will experience well written recipes with directions and pictures of each cookie.  The more in-depth directions show step by step pictures to help guide you on your cookie making voyage.  Holiday traditions are a MUST and I love creating them and sharing history about mine, with you, as to inspire you to do the same! I believe in writing cookbooks that are for everyone.  The cookies I have showcased in these recipes have been used in many kitchens around the globe.  Cookies are meant to taste good, be fun, and plant “memory seeds.”  If you take a moment to reflect on the cookies that you had as a child you will recall the place you were, who you were with, and what events took place around you.  It is amazing how impactful one little cookie can be.  The cookies that you remember may not have been Christmas cookies at all, but Christmas is a great time of year to make lots of different types of cookies to share with those you love and appreciate.  Cookies don’t have to be complicated to be amazing.  In fact, I would say there is something beautiful about simplicity.  The cookies I am sharing with you are not super fancy just SUPER delicious!  I’m not into ingredients that make you scrunch up your face in confusion and shut the book out of annoyance.  But rather make you smile because most of what you need is already in your kitchen and what you don’t have will only take a quick trip to the local store to grab.  I’m also excited to share inspiration with you.  As a professional chef, I get to be involved in creating beauty and it is through the sparkles, candles, ruffles, and gold dust that I can be fancy.  You can add a little “fancy” to your Christmas cookies if you wish and I will give you tips to use.  The great thing is that you can do as little or as much as you wish!  These recipes are tried and true from someone who is a wife, mom, aunt, sister and professional chef.  I value recipes that work.  There is nothing worse than spending time, energy and supplies on something that fails.  These cookies are all memories and share them I must!  It is my belief that each person in this world has a gift. Amazing food and beautiful events is mine.  I want to help you spread some love and share your current or soon to be baking talent with those you encounter during this Christmas season and in seasons to come.  Please know that a cookie can be so many things to so many people.  A cookie can mean I am thinking of you, thank you, I love you, I care about you, I am grateful to you, I forgive you, I miss you, I am lost without you, you are cherished, words can’t express my gratitude, I want to share memories with you, I want to feed you, I want you to feel important, I know you are sad and I want to give you a little kindness…the list is so long.  The message is basic “someone is thinking of you and cares enough about you to make you a cookie.”  Be that “someone” for someone else this Christmas season and share the kindness in your heart with someone you love or a total stranger.  You will enjoy the feeling you get from sharing a cookie, I can promise you that! Tucked within these pages, you will also find a bit of history about different cookies.  I think it is interesting and can always be used for a topic of conversation when you don’t have anything to talk about.  Perhaps at a family gathering that might be a bit awkward or if you find yourself in a trivia game.  Some might say it is useless information, but we all secretly love a little of it to keep “under our sleeve” so that we can appear to be scholars of culinary history if ever around someone thinking they know all about all.  You know the aunt or friend that fits this mold.  Recipes you will find in this book are traditional gingerbread cookies (several to choose from), sugar cookies (melt in your mouth), my famous eggnog recipe, thumbprint cookie (not the one you are thinking of), Christmas fruit in a whole new light (not that nasty stuff you had from the store), Nutcracker biscotti (nuts, lots of nuts), and some fun new easy ways to decorate cookies (not fibbing, you can do this, seriously!).  Beyond friends and family, you should think Christmas gifts for your office or gift baskets.  Sharing the book and not the actual cookies is always a fun gift…you know that you know someone who LOVES recipe books.  Give 12 Cookies of Christmas as a gift or make one of the recipes and give the book with the cookies.  How much fun would it be to get a recipe book with some of the cookies from the book already made for you?  I know I would love it!  Memories here you come, bring on the cookies and lets bake some!





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