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So fun! there are many of us in the culinary world. Here are some journals for you to take notes, write down recipes, use as a journal and use however you see fit. Makes a great gift for anyone in catering, all of restaurant front and back of the house and owners, personal chefs, executive chefs, cooks, all cook stations, pasty chefs, bakers, sugar artist, cake decorating ,bar, bartenders, bar owners, hotel, room service, food manufacturers, private cooking lessons, anyone in the food or decor business. Or anyone who is a girly chef, or wants to be one someday. I know people always tell you to take notes and in a kitchen that happens to always be on the fly. Let me tell you this is really one of the most important parts of your career! THESE ARE BLANK NOTEBOOKS










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Chocolate Wedding Cake Tutorial

Baking,Frosting, assembling and perfecting a tiered chocolate wedding  cake is a skill you’ll use over and over again! In this 32 minute video we will go through the process together.

Chocolate Wedding Cake Tutorial
Chocolate Wedding Cake Tutorial, Learn how to make this chocolate frosted wedding cake!