• Catering

    Catering anywhere you need us to be!

    Catering anywhere you need us to be! Where will you send us next?

    Are you hoping and wishing we could cater your next event? The truth is each cater is unique yes thats true however not everyone is me!

    I really, truly, love what I do.  I’m the same person that you will talk to throughout your entire process. I’m the one that will:

    ♦️Create your personalized menu

    ♦️Purchase your groceries

    ♦️Orchestrate the theme of each table showcasing all edible creations

    ♦️Prepare your every bite

    ♦️Oversee your special occasion from start to finish

    These are my gifts to share.  It is my belief that each person in this world has a gift.  Amazing food and beautiful events is mine.  I create memorable experiences for truly wonderful people. Please let me share my gifts with you! www.contessacatering.com